By: Mariel Díaz

Are you traveling with your children to one of our hotels in Cancun or Los Cabos? Then you will be interested in reading how they can enjoy our facilities, as well as packages to surprise them during their stay and many products, espec...

By: Mariel Díaz 

What is it?
Flamed coffee is a beverage made with coffee and liquors. Also known as flambéed coffee, a term that comes from the French flamber is a way of cooking with alcohol (ethanol).

How is it made?
We have a signature procedure to...

By: Glenda Gutiérrez  

Although we all know that exercising or playing a sport is a fundamental part to have a healthy lifestyle, many people by time, money or lack of desire don't do any physical activity, and in holidays even less. To be honest...

By Mariel Díaz

Tequila is a drink that represents Mexico. As we mentioned earlier in The Process of Tequila, it is a product originating from a particular place in our country, a product that everyone knows but it's not actually known how to drink it...

By: Social Media Team 

We know that you have planned your trip for a long time and that you want to enjoy every moment of sun, beach and the activities that you can do here.

However, there is only one way to have the full energy to do it, and that is t...

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