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Traveling with kids

Traveling with children can be a wonderful experience , if you ( and they ) are prepared for this adventure in advance. Most likely your trip will involve a flight , which is normally a 2 or 3 hour flight without connections to come to Cancun or Los Cabos, México.

One of the best practices ( if they are old enough ) is to let them know about the trip and that they will fly to visit a great destination in another country . Show them a map of where Mexico is located , for example and show them pictures of the beach, the hotel, the city.

Is is highly recommended to provide them with a backpack ( the school backpack can be used for this purpose if they have one ) as they feel more independent. Ask them to bring some of their favorite toys with them. Include markers or crayons, coloring books or sheets of paper ,candies, crackers and other goodies, perhaps a new toy to surprise them during the flight and a sweater (as airplanes can get cold sometimes).

On the plane, let them sit next to the window and tell them stories about the clouds, the sky, the land, the whole adventure. During take off and landing, offer them a candy so their ears will not block. Its sad to see ( and hear ) a child having a terrible moment due to the pain it causes. They will get excited and you will also start enjoying this trip before you even get to your destination.

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