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Did you know in the Yucatan peninsula are more than 10,000 cenotes, although only about half have been recognized and registered?

The word "Cenote" is a term that is only used in Mexico and comes from the Maya "Dzonot" which means abyss.

There are 4 types of cenotes :

  • Open: They are the oldest cenotes that exist, which are surrounded by ample vegetation, are often confused with lagoons, can be found in wetlands or inside the mangroves, enriching the habitat of the coasts.

  • Semi-open: They have an opening in the top whose diameter increases when approaching the surface of the water and until reaching the bottom. These cenotes have luminosity due to the proximity between the upper cavern and the surface of the water.

  • Underground: They are the youngest cenotes, their forms are circular and are closed by a vault, this may or may not have some openings on its surface, which allows to get in the light of the sun. Inside of these cenotes stalagmites and stalactites can be watched in large quantities.

  • Open-Wells: They are the most popular, because they are completely open, cylindrical, with completely vertical walls and have a great height, being able to reach up to 25 meters.

These are some of the most incredible Cenotes ...








Would you like to know each of these Natural Wonders of Mexico?

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