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Did you know that in México approximately 1 out of 115 kids have autism, and that in 2007 the UN established April 2nd as the International Autism Awareness Day?

Many times we hear the word autism, or we see a person with autism spectrum disorder and we don’t know how to act or what to say, that’s why its important to get informed, get to know as much as we can and get involved as well.

We don’t have to be afraid nor get away, we just have to get informed and understand that life is all about every human being different from one another and this is what makes us wonderful and unique.

If your son/daughter knows someone with autism spectrum disorder invite him/her to socialize, we can assure you both of them will learn so many things from one another, a child with autism can play, laugh and enjoy as much as the rest of the children you just have to get close and stop, look closely and understand life… their life.

Why do Hoteles Solaris invites you to #TalkaboutAutism?

To make aware our society of the importance of early diagnosis that will help with programs focused in the development of communicating, socialization and cognitive skills that will help the children to develop in society besides encouraging inclusion with better tolerance and without prejudice in all aspects of both kids and adults with this disorder.

Why the color blue?

"There are times the blue is bright as the sea on a summer day, and some other times, that same blue gets dark and dissipates as a stormy sea".- TGD PADRES TEA

Never forget that children with autism

"Don’t live in their own world, the world is only one”.

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