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Today is World Kissing Day and in this articule we introduce you some fun facts about this beautiful way to show feelings...


Do you know that the PHILEMATOLOGY is the study of the evolution of the kiss, types of kisses and what causes in the people?.


A kiss can mean different things according to cultures. In some places is frowned up kissing.

  • INDIA: Birth place of the modern kiss. Where the “Eskimo Kiss” started and the practice of inhale the breath of the other person.

  • PACIFIC ISLAND/MAORI OF NEW ZELAND: They used the “Eskimo Kiss” as a greet. For them is a taste test as a measure of compatibility.

  • kissing on the lips it is a very common way to greet all your friends.

  • they have 2 types of kiss; the right way to greet your friends and family it is one kiss on each cheek. And the French Kiss that is used in romance.

  • kiss on the cheek like a usual greeting between friends.

  • was considered as intimate as sex.

  • the couples just kiss in private and kiss infrequently their children.

  • means abstinence. No kiss on the lips.

  • AMAZONAS TRIBES: when they are children they kiss but when they are adults they avoid it.


  • LIPS: Love kiss, between couples or lovers and also friends.

  • CHEEKS: friendship, family, coworkers and known people´s kiss. Common greetings.

  • HAND: symbol of respect and chivalry.

  • FORHEAD: talks about protection, tenderness and care.


  • When we kissed we used 5 of 12 cranial nerves.

  • The lips are the erogenous zone most exposed of the body.

  • The romantic kiss exists in 90% of cultures.

  • The skin of the lips is the thinnest of our body.

  • The skin allows us to see the blood vessels below this zone.

  • We are more likely to get sick from hand than kiss.

  • A kiss can be 10 times more effective than morphine to reduced pain.

  • A kiss releases several neurotransmitters: DOPAMINE, EPINEPHRINE, NOREPINEFRINE, ENDORPHINE and OXITOCIN.

  • When we kiss, the body lowers the production of the hormone Cortisol, linked to stress.

  • The first kiss is one of the clearer memories that we have.

  • 59% men and 66% women have stopped a possible relationship for a bad kiss.

  • A French kiss requires that we move 34 facial muscles.

  • The main muscle than we use to kiss named ORBICULARIS ORIS.

  • A kiss causes dilation of pupils and maybe that’s why we close our eyes.

Did you know all this FUN FACTS?

Thats why we have to celebrate WORLD KISSING DAY!

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