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Travel with the little ones

Traveling with children can be a wonderful experience, if you (and they) are prepared ahead of time for this adventure. It is likely that your trip involves a flight, to come to any of our destinations, Cancún or Los Cabos.

That is why we present below a list of recommendations when traveling with your children:


One of the best practices (if they are old enough) is to let them know about the trip they will soon make with their family and to visit a great destination in México. Show them a map by locating the city, for example, and pictures of the beach, the hotel and attractions of the area, especially for them.


It is recommended that you provide them with a backpack, as they feel more independent and lighten the load during the trip. Invite them to include some of their favorite toys as well as markers or crayons, paper or coloring books, candy, cookies or other treats, maybe a new toy to give them a surprise during the trip and a sweater ( As it can sometimes get cold on the planes).


Let them sit by the window and tell them stories about the clouds, the sky, the earth, describe a whole adventure. During takeoff and landing, offer a candy so their ears will not get clogged. It is sad to see and hear a child going through a bad time because of a covered earache.

It is also a very good option to take any electronic device where they can project them a television program or a movie so that they can be relaxed during the trip.


Choose a place that has recreation area and entertainment for children. We recommend you to visit our Mini Club in any of our hotels, Royal Solaris Cancun, GR Solaris Cancun and Royal Solaris Los Cabos, surely our little guests will have a great time.

Make sure that the place where your children will be also count with children with the same age, so that apart from being able to share the experience with more children do not become boring for any of the family, and on Solaris they will surely have all that they are looking for To have a dream vacation.

Security is very important, we must inform ourselves in advance of the security measures of the place, for example if the pool is fenced, if it closes at night, if it has a special zone for children, if it has stairs, everything to avoid risks. Once in place, we must keep in mind at all times the precautions when going to the pool with our children.

We also suggest you to cheer your little ones with surprises that we have for them, with additional cost, and that you can get before they arrive at the hotel or once you stay in any of our properties. "Live the #SolarisPassion"

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