Let’s do Zumba in Royal Solaris Los Cabos! But first…

Friday, July 7, 2017

By: Aline Rivas


We know that you want to keep healthy and stay in shape in a fun way, and for that, Royal Solaris Los Cabos got for you the Zumba Classes!


Even though the zumba was first introduced in Miami, United States, in 1999, this latin-inspired dance class originated in Colombia over a decade earlier. The Zumba, called "dance party", evolved from an impromptu dance class in an aerobics room in Colombia in the 80 s to a widespread exercise phenomenon with more than 10 million regular participants from October 2010.


The definition of Zumba is a fitness discipline of colombian origin that mixes latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, flamenco, bachata, reggaeton and samba, that combines routines of these dances with aerobics routines.



This exercise helps you tone your muscles and lose weight!

Zumba classes offer high-intensity cardiovascular training that lasts 50 minutes to an hour..

Like any other training that is based on aerobic exercises, the benefits that Zumba brings to our body are numerous.


Given that it is a fun and different way of exercising, is the best ally to invite people to do more physical activity.



Burn calories

By combining different types of movements and working the whole body, each zumba session can help you burn up to 800 calories. That is, the amount may vary depending on the time taken per session and the rate of metabolism.


It's fun

One of the goals of Zumba is to have fun so you don't leave the routine and fulfill the goal. This form of exercise completely changes the idea of sport and invites you to receive the benefits of the exercise through the practice of a fun dance.



 Improve the mood

As with the practice of most exercises, through zumba we stimulate the release of endorphins, which are the hormones that enhance happiness and self-esteem. The funny rhythms that require coordination will help you eliminate negative energies and, complete the session, you will have a sense of well-being.



Combat stress

In the next video, Christian, who leads the lessons every day in our hotel, show us five simple steps before to practice Zumba, for not get injured in the middle of a class.

The dance moves, the rhythms of the songs and aerobics help to release the hormones of good humor and fight those who cause stress.


Practicing after a tense day will help you relax and improve your emotional health.


In the next video, Christian, who leads the lessons every day in our hotel, will show us five simple steps to do before to practice Zumba, for not get injured in the middle of a class.


Zumba Classes, with Christian,  are a great excuse to stay at  Royal Solaris Los Cabos. 




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