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The art of Beer making

By: Regina Sámano

Beer is an alcoholic beverage originating in Mesopotamia (4000 BC), distilled and bitter in taste, made from germinated barley grains and other cereals, the starch of which is fermented in yeast water. Generally presents an amber color with shades that go of the yellow gold to the black happening through the browns reddish.

In the Middle Ages, it was the monks, who perfected the process of elaboration, incorporating the use of hops, a plant that gives the characteristic bitter taste to the beer and helps its conservation. Then this recipe became popular all over the world. By the type of cold climate, other countries of the north of Europe like Germany and England became in turn great producers of beer.

For the 18th century, with the industrial revolution, comes the golden age of beer where it is massified thanks to the incorporation of the steam engine to the brewing industry. Louis Pasteur, discovers the yeast of high fermentation, which made possible the precise control of the transformation of sugar into alcohol. During the 19th century, Czech and German brewers developed a better-looking beer, filtered beers and lighter beer.

Around the 1970s in the UK it was decided to create a beer, which was completely different, more attractive and complex in taste to have more body, flavor and aroma. The idea of ​​creating something on a smaller scale was born to preserve the maximum control over the elaboration, greater quality and freshness; This drink was called artisanal/handcrafted beer.

Handcrafted beer is made only with traditional ingredients, in its purest and most natural state, barley, water, hops and yeast malts, no filling cereals are used, so a craft beer offers quality products, instead of low prices and advertising.

At the end of 1980, artisan beer arrived in the United States, producing less than 15 thousand liters per year. In 1995, the first Mexican artisan beer, named COSACO, was created by Gustavo González, a fond of the quality beer, due to the lack of supply of this drink in Mexico, who started to produce this beer on tap in his home.

In 2002 the Baja California Brewery (CUCAPÁ) opened in Mexicali, Baja California, and in Jalisco in December of the same year one of the most famous was opened, the Minerva Brewery.

In Quintana Roo 5 artisan beers are made, which are:






In Baja California, the most famous craft beers are:






What makes beer different from artisan beer from industrial beer:

  1. Process of elaboration: it is realized of manual form and with the minimal aid machinery.

  2. Quality of ingredients: no artificial or conservative additives.

  3. Brewer's Master Formula: Each brand seeks its own formula.

At the end of the last century, this type of beer began to be produced and consumed in the central region of the country. Today, his taste has spread to the whole Republic. Know the history and secrets of this "indie drink".

Remember that these beers are NOT available in our hotels but you can get them very close to our hotel. In Cancún: THE BEER BOX (Plaza Infinity, Nichupté Ave 19 MZ 4 LT 19) EL ESTADIO (Av. Kabah corner with Av. La Costa MZ 3 LT 2 Local 5) -Turning on the city bus or car. In Los Cabos: BAJA BREWING (one in San Jose del Cabo, 10 minutes from our hotel, and one more in Cabo San Lucas, about 40 minutes drive from our hotel) and that is the best view.

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