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Let's talk about Mexico

By: Mariel Díaz

Many things are said about Mexico, people think about their food, their people, religion, politics, art, the fiesta... From Mexico, a thousand things can be said, but only a few have had the joy of knowing what Mexico really is. And more than describing the country, is to feel it with each of our senses.

It is one of the largest countries in the world in territory, this translates as a very diverse country in its landscapes, so in Mexico we find everything, a little of each part of the world.

So what makes it unique? As every place is distinguished by its people, and Mexicans are known as warm, friendly, fun and without fear of anything!

For example, the food. Mexico is full of flavors that predominate, rich in various condiments where the simpler dish is anything but simple; popular gastronomy for the taste of spicy, which can go as the most unnoticed spice to a point where not anyone can take a bite. In spite of that, the Mexican drinks are contrasting with the sweetness that they carry to the palate.

It only needs that Mexico conquers you with its music, and we refer to the possibility of enjoying melodies, boleros, mariachi; music that is recognized anywhere in the world where it's listen, but without leaving behind its faithful companion: the dance: that combination of movements that go to the rhythm of guitars, trumpets, violins and drums...

Mexico is like a painting full of colors and textures, which are printed on clothes, food and even on the same people. It is a place full of passion: Mexicans live to the fullest, with traditional parties with such lively environments that transport you to times gone by, celebrations that last for days in honor of the victories and an immense love for the family. It is great to admire the masterpiece that Mexico is.

Hoteles Solaris de México

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