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Fall in love with La Paz!

By: Aline Rivas

Imagine finding yourself in La Paz, renewing all your senses, discovering the adventure you had always been looking for and be amazed with the wonders of Mother Nature by first hand.

The culture, sports, nature, history and art merge in a city known as The getaway to the sea of Cortés. Here you can practice snorkeling with sea lions and whale sharks: the largest fish on earth.

A little over an hour drive from our hotel, you will discover La Paz, the famous "Port of Illusions".

You can also discover what is beneath the surface by diving in what Jacques Cousteau dubbed The Aquarium of the World and get the chance to meet with around 39% of the marine mammal species of the world.

And if fishing is your thing, La Paz is the world’s capital of roosterfish but also championship species as Marlin, Dorado, and Tuna. Discover millennial cave paintings and find out the history of a peninsula that has been inhabited for over 8,000 years; or simply enjoy a peace that can be only found on pristine turquoise waters of La Paz beaches.

The beaches of the islands in the Sea of Cortez are a refuge for colonies of sea lions, birds, and other species endemic to Baja California Sur.

Within its waters, approximately one hundred islands and a number of islets lie.

That is what Jacques Cousteau called the majestic Sea of Cortez. It is considered one of the five largest marine ecosystems of highest productivity and biological diversity in the world.

The nightlife, a walk on its boulevard and the acuatic and sports activities you can do in this place, have managed to steal the heart of whoever visits it and, without a doubt, will want to return.

So don't think too much, come to our Sol-Ha tours agency and schedule your visit and... Fall in love with La Paz!

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