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Hoteles Solaris de México and the beach care.

By: Mariel Díaz

Today, september 17th, is a very important date for Hoteles Solaris de México because we celebrate the International Coastal Cleanup, also known as International Beach Day; very beautiful places that can be composed of different sands and waters depending on their location, but regardless of the diversity, everyone loves to spend at least a day in them.

But this day, more than helping us to remember the good moments by the sea and the peace that gives us, it has a duty: to make humanity aware of the care of these, its flora and fauna that depends on it to live and reproduce.

In our different hotels, in the beautiful cities of Los Cabos and Cancun, everything is planned from a few days before: we call on our collaborators to unite with the purpose of cleaning our beaches, a call involving the values that distinguish the company that we are.

Thus, the day arrives, and from very early on all participants in this initiative come together in spots with the material and tools that will help fulfill our mission. At that moment everyone can participate, achieving as a society the unification for our planet, our home.

At Hoteles Solaris de México we are committed and very grateful for everything that nature offers us, that is why not only on this day, but the 365 days of the year we keep our beaches clean and we have initiatives to reduce pollution in them.

Beach Cleaning September 17 "International Beach Day" and June 8 "Oceans Day".

Hoteles Solaris de México

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