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#TipSolaris: How to organize a good group trip

Have you ever traveled with many friends, family members or co-workers for any event? Regardless of the purpose, it is an incredible experience to share with so many people a special occasion like traveling. Even traveling in groups has a very important benefit: it is more economical.

Perhaps the most difficult part is planning the trip, so many arrive to agree on ideas and budgets can become tired, but definitely worth it when you see the results on the trip.

We introduce you these #TipSolaris to make organizing your group trip easier.

#TipSolaris1 You must determine what type of trip will be: If your trip is for pleasure between friends or family, to attend an event such as a wedding or if your trip is training to attend conferences or congresses.

#TipSolaris2 Define the dates of travel and people who will attend: It is important to have those who are willing to travel according to dates and availability, it is important to define these well in advance to have everything in order before embarking on the journey.

#TipSolaris3 Choose the destination: It's very exciting to know where you will go, which city or country is the one you want to meet or visit again. Or if it is for work, what is the ideal destination where more opportunities for learning and knowledge are offered.

#TipSolaris4 Set your budget: According to the people who want to travel, it's important to know the costs and expenses that will result. You must take into account lodging, transportation, food and entertainment; and in case it is for your work you must take into account the income of a salon and audiovisual equipment, cost of tickets to conferences or complete courses

#TipSolaris5 Investigate everything the destination is offering and identify which is most suited to your needs. All inclusive hotels, hotels for adults only, family hotels; it is very important to know and compare the costs that are handled online to have some idea of the real cost.

#TipSolaris6 Direct contact: It is very important to contact the hotel to request a quote in which you must define the dates of your trip, the people who will attend and if you will need any extra as rent of some. Once you have several quotes, is to choose the hotel that best suits your needs and budget.

#TipSolaris7 Extra help: The support specialized in organizing groups is fundamental, and in Hoteles Solaris de Mexico we have the group department, who will help you to facilitate the planning, do not hesitate to contact with them to obtain the best advice, without doubt with pleasure they will support you.

Don't miss the opportunity to live the Solaris experience!

Contactos via email at the address so we can help you organize your group trip!

Hoteles Solaris de México

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