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Festival of Life and Death in Mexico

By: Mariel Díaz

Mexico is known for its traditions and festivities, and one of the most popular is Día de Muertos (Day of the Death), which we celebrate every year on two dates: November 1st and 2nd.

This celebration, although is celebrated in the whole the country, varies in some details according to its region. We can find altars, festivals, parades, contests, dances, visits to the cemeteries and even the opening of the tombs for the cleaning of the skeletons, which we know sounds very strange but it is a pre-Columbian tradition that has passed from generation to generation in the town of Pomuch of the state of Campeche.

In the Yucatan peninsula, the celebration of the day of the dead is known as the Hanal Pixán (read as Hanal Pishán), words of Mayan origin meaning "food of souls" which consists in offering to the deceased their favorite food, drinks, personal items, as well as the famous pibipollo: a kind of regional tamale that is made only for these dates. All this food is placed on an altar hoping that during the days, the soul of the deceased will taste of it.

In the Riviera Maya, there is a festival to celebrate this rich part of the Mexican culture that is located very close to Cancun; it is the Festival of Life and Death of XCARET.

This year the festival focuses on Mayan traditions, a theme called El baile de los Pixanes (the dance of the souls), where you can enjoy concerts, dances, exhibitions, offerings, theater performances, interactive workshops, tours and more. A party that starts on October 30 and ends on November 2 at Xcaret Park.

Preserving the Day of the Dead is very important for Mexicans because it is a tradition that has lasted throughout our country's history, you should not miss this unique experience of living face to face one of the most incredible traditions you can find only in Mexico. Ask our travel agency Sol-Ha ( and experience the Day of the Dead!

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