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Spectacular whale watching at Los Cabos

By: Aline Rivas

There are moments that are worth capturing forever. Not every day of our life has the opportunity to be a few meters away from a humpback whale.

At Los Cabos, during the months of December to March, you have the opportunity to see up close these impressive mammals while they are in their breeding season.

The impressive gray whale, comes to mexican waters to play, mate, give birth and also to show off to the curious visitors offering one of the most incredible natural spectacles of the planet, very close to the boats, these animals stand upright out of the water to take a look around, jumping happily with its 40 tons and raising clouds of water with the wide lobes of its tail that moves up and down to swim. This movement is called an espionage jump and can last up to 30 seconds.

Humpback whales are the most common species that can be observed in the Sea of ​​Cortez. It is also an impressive sight to see how they breathe and collide their tail against the sea. Orcas can also be seen during winter and, to a lesser extent, bryde and minke whales.

We invite you to live this adventure!

Upon your arrival at Royal Solaris Los Cabos call from your room to our Agency of Tours Sol-Ha (Ext. 5230) to enjoy this wonderful show, we assure you that you will take unforgettable photos and memories Hoteles Solaris de México

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