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End of 2017 Turtle Season at Hoteles Solaris de México

By Mariel Díaz

As we mentioned in our previous article "Turtle season 2017", from May to September, the arrival of this marine species in the Mexican Caribbean is lived, with the purpose of spawning hundreds of eggs.

Again this year, Hoteles Solaris de México, committed to the care and preservation of sea turtles, was prepared and certified to protect this marvelous marine species during the season.


We are proud to share the results of the closing of the 2017 season, since among our three hotels in Cancun, we had a total of a little more than 30,000 released turtles, the result of the 500 nests that we take care of every day. This great result was thanks to the monitoring and supervision carried out by the prevention department (*certified staff for this task) during the 24 hours, which is based on the revision, relocation and control of the nests, which is classified by species of turtle, measurements, number of eggs deposited and approximate date of hatching.

It is important to mention that prior to the arrival of the sea turtles, one of the most important tasks that must be done is the creation of a space for the relocation of the eggs; creating nests that are as safe as possible from predators or external factors as well as unfavorable aspects of the climate.

In those climate situations such as the tropical storm Nate in last October, eggs were recovered from the nests that were sheltered in thermal boxes filled with sand taken from the same nest where they were, placing them in a dry, cool place. The insuranced within the facilities of the hotels, each of these boxes had the information sign of the nest. They were checked daily, always based on the possible hatching dates, managing to free all the protected turtles.

This is how we demonstrate a small part of our great commitment to the fauna of Cancun, particularly of these sea turtle species, since part of them is in danger of extinction and its preservation begins with our help.

This great work has also made us worthy of recognition from associations, Ecology State Department, the Marine, and the government, which year after year motivates us to always give the best effort.

Remember that if you stay at Royal Solaris, GR Caribe by Solaris or GR Solaris, any of our three hotels in Cancun, you can clarify all your doubts with our prevention staff and appreciate the release of the small turtles that undertake their adventure in the sea.

Until next year!

Hoteles Solaris de México


*Nest care protocol: We rely on the Marine Turtle Protection Course, which imparts ecology management, based on the NOM-162

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