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Christmas at Hoteles Solaris de México!

By: Mariel Díaz

December is one of those months that everything begins to be filled with colors, aromas and above all a very warm atmosphere, all for the holiday season, we're talking about Christmas.

In Hoteles Solaris de Mexico we began the preparations much earlier, so when arriving on December 1st, our guests at GR Caribe by Solaris, Royal Solaris Cancun, GR Solaris and Royal Solaris Los Cabos feel that Christmas spirit.

We start with the festivities since December 24, on Christmas Eve, begining at breakfast, choose your favorite restaurant and if you're lucky you can see Pancho Solaris in his Christmas costume. The activities continue with our entertainment team ... and get ready because they will have fun all day!​

But we must say that our little guests are the most spoiled, the MiniClub and its team prepare the best games and crafts, starting from 10am until the evening, where together with their new friends, they will take out their creative side and will have as a result objects that they will always remember from their vacations at Cancun or Los Cabos

At noon, our staff always prepares the best cocktail for the occasion and the special in our snacks and restaurants ... but nothing beats the delicious Christmas Eve dinner!

Of course, the night does not end there, get ready to witness a different show in each hotel where our dancers will amaze you on stage. Each year we have a different theme and in this 2017 prepare to be amazed.

The next day is Christmas!

Every December 25th we have the favorite character of all our guests, who comes down in the afternoon to meet everyone and leave incredible gifts... of course we are talking about the adorable Santa Claus!

Visit us this Christmas and enjoy the holidays with us! Book for any of our three hotels in Cancun or our hotel in Los Cabos HERE.

Solaris is and will always be your home

Hoteles Solaris de México

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