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Everything you need to know about the marvelous Housekeeping department

By: Mariel Díaz

A hotel is an organization, which is comprised of different departments, that in harmony, achieve its effectiveness on the function and the mission.

There are many departments, such as front desk or the food and beverages, which are known to serve the guest directly in their needs, the staff is recognized by guests and even become friends.

However, one of the great tasks and responsibilities falls on the department of housekeeping, which staff works hard just like everyone, in order to maintain cleanliness, order and aesthetics in the decorations that enliven the hotel.

They're not as well known as a waiter or bartender, but they are always present.

A department that are mostly women, but all members have the same value of importance.

And their work is so subtle, that we may need to explain: When you enter your room and find everything tidy, it seems that it was a cleaning ninja or some kind of magic... Well, this is the result of the work of the maids, responsible for cleaning, rearrange and supply the products of your room. Everything in record time!

How about cleanliness of the corridors or common areas? You don't always see them, but these is the responsibility of the people of public areas. Although everyone walks by or accidentally pollute by, for example, throwing their drink in the lobby, the staff of public areas will always be on guard to keep everything impeccable.

What happens when you stay several days in the hotel, or just want to keep your clothes clean? That's when you ask for the laundry services. A staff extremely careful with the clothes they have, because washing will sound like a simple task but doing it correctly is a real challenge.

And not only are they responsible for the garments for service, they also keep impeccable the uniforms of their coworkers. Imagine having to leave the Chef's uniform as new! A very complicated task, but never impossible for this team.

But, who is in charge of all this? Must be a person with a lot of attitude, careful with the details, generous and very honest.

So here we introduce you the housekeeping managers of our four hotels: Miss Luquin of Royal Solaris Cancun and GR Caribe by Solaris, Miss Margarita of GR Solaris Cancun and Miss Claudia of Royal Solaris Los Cabos.

So it's important to remember: The work of all the people in this department is more than respectable!


Hoteles Solaris de México

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