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Breakfast at Solaris

By: Social Media Team

We know that you have planned your trip for a long time and that you want to enjoy every moment of sun, beach and the activities that you can do here.

However, there is only one way to have the full energy to do it, and that is to make the most important meal of the day: The breakfast.

At Hoteles Solaris Mexico, we are very aware that breakfast is an essential part of our diet, and that is why we have everything you need to have a balanced diet from early in our restaurants; fruits, sausages, fresh eggs, different options of deliciously prepared proteins, salads rich in nutrients, cereals, fruit juices, hot chocolate, coffee, and to accompany, some delicious hot cakes or fresh bread.

So, if you are staying with us on your next vacation, you can attend our Buffet Breakfasts of each of our hotels:

At Cafe Solaris of Royal Solaris Los Cabos you will find a service as warm as fresh coffee. In every part of this restaurant you will feel like home and the people that work on it are so friendly that you want to come back every morning!

Tip Solaris: Every day you will find a delicious menu for your breakfast, but we recommend you to attend early on Mondays because we have a mexican menu... Ex-qui-site!

The guests who stayed here recommended our Mexican appetizers without a doubt, and the fresh bread is a delight for the mornings it is a motivation to have breakfast.

The Las Fuentes restaurant of Royal Solaris Cancún is known for the diversity of dishes offered, as it has themed breakfast every day of the week!

On Mondays (better known as #MexicanMondays) you can delight with the typical Mexican flavors surrounded by a decoration filled with color and music that will make you feel every part of of our beautiful country. On Tuesdays you can enjoy the Enchiladas and Chilaquiles Festival and, what if by Wednesday you get ready to eat churros an doughnuts alongside the best Mexican hot chocolate? All made by our incredible kitchen staff! And when the Thursday comes, we will surprise you with exclusive dishes from the Mayan region and their gastronomic descent at the Yucatecan Festival.

Our traditions and legacy are definitely present at our buffets with the purpose of you enjoying your stay at Mexico at its fullest, because we know that when you come you want to really get to know our gastronomy that is so varied and recognized worldwide that is claimed Cultural heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO since 2010.

And we don't forget our little guest! For them we have a special section; besides the buffet we offer every morning at Las Fuentes, you will find delicious food and desserts made especially for them, making sure they are happy to have breakfast before going to have fun at the Mini Club!

And as a special touch, we have a guest every morning who loves to go by to say hello, so while you enjoy a delicious breakfast, you can have fun with the visit of Pancho Solaris! The charismatic mascot Hoteles Solaris de México, who from 9 am takes a few minutes to liven up your morning with your friends on the entertainment team.

When you arrive to Cafe Solaris, besides the warm welcome of our staff, you will be amazed by the size and the decoration of our restaurant. As all the buffets in Solaris Hotels, you can choose between the amazing variety of food we have. Something that our guests enjoy almost as much as the food, is the terrace area, where you can be eating breakfast while you listen the sound of the birds and waves.

With all the breakfast options we have, you still have no idea of what to eat? Don't worry, try the omelettes! Without a doubt the best omelettes in Cancún are the ones that our dear Obilia prepares. She see in each guests a family member, so be sure that your dish will have a lot of love and #SolarisPassion.

Already finish? We are sure will have enough space to try our "Lechero" that is a kind of latte, have the perfect combination of coffee and milk (you tell the waiter how much coffee and milk you want, the best part? they prepare it in your table.

Also called Café Solaris, but as unique as the one in each hotel, it is a cozy space in GR Caribe by Solaris, with the same Mediterranean architecture as the rest of the hotel, which has an incredible closed terrace so you can enjoy the view of the sea Cancun blue protecting you from the sun or the rain.

Everything is delicious to have breakfast here, but certainly you can not miss the variety of bread prepared at home, delicacies that come straight from the oven to your dish.

For us the service will always come first, so if you need a special menu or you have an allergy, we are here to serve you! Personally our staff will assist you with everything you need. Do not hesitate to approach our Guest Service Coordinator, the captain of waiters at Café Solaris, the hostess or any waiter so they can support you and provide you with the food you need.*

Oh and remember... You can also enjoy the visit of Pancho Solaris around here!

#TipSolaris: As we love to pamper you, in all our buffets you will find vegetarian options and if not you can ask the waiters about the vegetarian or gluten-free menu we have to offer.

With a good breakfast you will have enough energy to fully enjoy your vacation filled with # PasiónSolaris at Solaris Hotels in Mexico!

* We have gluten free, vegetarian and lactose-free foods


Hoteles Solaris de México

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