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Solaris water... Water made at home.

By: Glenda Gutiérrez

In Hoteles Solaris de México, we are commited with the society and with the environment. That's why in every opportunity we have, we do something to help. Did you know that at Solaris resorts we have Desalination Plant? Being one of the first hotels in Cancun to have this technology that helps the environment, which is one of the most interesting ways to contribute to solving the shortage of drinking water we have worldwide.

Additional Fact: Although 70 percent of the world's surface is covered by water, only 2.5 percent of the available water is fresh, while the remaining 97.5 percent is salt water.

Source: Roberto Ramirez Rodríguez /

The magic starts when 200m3 of salt water is convert into fresh water, this is through a Reverse osmosis process, in which the salt water pass through special membranes that pressurize the water so that all the salt goes to the bottom and is only the fresh water continue running. Once this is finished, the fresh water passes through different filters which makes it drinkable.

The result of this process, means that in our hotels in Cancún we have our own purified water.

Everyday our staff produces 4,500 of bottles of water (each bottle of 500 ml) also it produce 70 water jugs (5.01 gallons each).

In this way, taking advantage of the resources we have, we can offer "home made" refreshing and purified water to all our guests and staff.

This day, we want to create awareness in all the people we can, that the water is essential for life and we must do everything we can to preserve the life of this vital liquid.

We are a company that carries out sustainable actions!

*Important to remember not to drink tap water


Hoteles Solaris de México

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