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The team of dancers of Royal Solaris Cancún, with the soul in the stage!

By: Mariel Díaz

You know that at night there is always a show to enjoy wether you stay in Royal Solaris Cancun or GR Caribe by Solaris; you can feel the colours of the rythim with the Latin Show, or believe you are in Broadway with the best interpretation of the most famous musicals in history, relive your childhood with fairy tales of our Kids Show or accompany our dances through love stories set in different places in the world.

Our shows are the way we express art and love to our audience.

The ones who manage to transmit these feelings to you through the art that no one knows better than them, are our dancers, who express a language through their body: the language of dance.

Great talents in a stage where their mission is to you fill with joy, amazement and a lot of emotion.

Here we present our team of dancers with the great choreographer:

So, today and always, let's celebrate the International Dance Day!


Hoteles Solaris de México

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