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What is a Solaris Fan? 🤔

By: Mariel Díaz

Today, the Internet works as a tool to connect with many people around the world with no barriers that allows us to reach information about almost anything.

From there, social networks allow you to create a profile and publish to the world information about yourself, your product or your company; and Solaris resort aren't far strangers of that!

We like to write on Facebook, tweet, post on Instagram and share videos on YouTube.

Our social media:

We consider as Solaris Fans those who not only follow us in our social media, but the ones who interact in our posts, liking and commenting, those who send us the best memories of their Solaris vacations, love to share our posts and carry out activities with the staff of Redes Social when they stay with us. 😁

Do you consider yourself a Solaris fan? Then you should definitely know the meaning of #SolarisPassion!

And being our fan has its benefits too:

On Facebook we announce a special drink that is made from month to month, our famous #DrinkoftheMonth, a cocktail that is made to our guests if they show the post of the drink to the bartender of their preference 😉

You also have the opportunity to win products from the Solaris Shop! On our official profiles, we make fun giveaways where our fans and upcoming guests can participate.

So follow us and do not miss our posts!

But above all, those who show their support, share with us the reason for their trip and are always in touch, we have a special reception upon arrival.

We call them Magical Moments, and are made with the purpose that since you enter your room, you get the best energy and start your vacation with #SolarisPassion.

So if you have your Solaris fan T-Shirt,

wear it proudly!


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