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Meet Pancho Solaris! 🐦

By: Mariel Díaz

At Hoteles Solaris de México we have someone very special we want you to meet, whether you visit us in Cancún or Los Cabos we know that you'll find him somewhere in the hotel... We're talking about our dear Pancho Solaris!

But if you have visited us before then you have definitely met him, but how well do you know him? In this article we'll leave some curiosities about the most loved being in Solaris.

Pancho Solaris is the official mascot of Hoteles Solaris de México, starting from the idea of having something graphic that our guests and costumers can relate to Solaris (like a logo works for a company), something that represents Solaris.

So after half a year of studies and appling surveys to our guests the results showed that tropial birds were the most liked species.

That's how Pancho was created in between between a pelican and an albatross, both sea birds.

The blue color of its plumage was given due to the destination since this color is associated with the sea, the sky, freshness and cleanliness; elements that our guests associate when coming to vacation on the beach.

But Panchito, as his also called, is not only an image or symbol, his personality is what identifies him: he is a friendly and joking character, who represents the cordiality and dynamism of the Solaris Hotels service. He's super funny! And you can prove it if you ever find him at your favorite Solaris hotel.

After his introduction in 2005, every August we celebrate his anniversary in all of the Solaris hotels and each year we have themed his party, so you can not miss it!

We also have incredible products that you can take home so you'll always have a piece of Solaris with you anywhere you go. Don't forget to visit our Solaris Shop, you will love it!

Pancho Solaris tumbler available at Solaris Shop.

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And of course, Pancho!


Hoteles Solaris de México

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