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Weddings by Solaris: making your dreams come true in the Mexican Caribbean.

By: Mariel Díaz

White sand, blue ocean and your loving one.

"I do..."

That is the word that marks the beginning of a new phase, a word that will lead you to the most important day as a couple.

The visualization and planning of the most romantic event begins; and what a better way to make it with Weddings by Solaris.

The beach is the perfect place, it will transmit an atmosphere of tranquility, romance and simply the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Imagine a sunset as a spectacle of colors in the sky and that at nightfall the stars, the sea breeze and the ambientation do their thing.

Believe that having a wedding with the beach as a location, will be something unmatched and a magical experience you won't live twice.

Maybe you always dreamed about this day since you where little, and for your this moment means that a big dream is coming true.

...Or it's just simply something brand new for you, something that never went trough your mind until now, and thinking about organizing it, is so nerve wracking!

Well, by choosing us as the venue for this important day, we'll make everything fo their way accomplishing even the smallest detail... we're ready to celebrate you and your couple!

Teamwork is something that distinguishes Solaris, so trust that you are in good hands with staff with experience and so much passion about on their work that will reflect in the service that you and your guests will receive.

Our commitment is so personal, that since the first day that you pick the wedding package that better suits your needs, one of our wedding planners will assist you and be your personal contact from that first day until the day of your event. She will represent your voice and will be the recipient of your ideas to translate them to the team, so they sure know about responsibility.

Where do we start?

The recommendation to contact ys is between 6 to 9 months before the wedding, more than anything, because being in a hotel, different events are carried out and it is very important to have your ideal date separated in advance. It is essential that in order to separate the date, at least 20% of the package is already paid.

If you don't have a concrete date, don't worry, with your planner's assistance you can find the ideal date, by consulting seasons and weather forecasts to minimize as much as possible the chance of any rain or storm (we do not want that!).

So, to have everything set and done, you'll have a contract, that once signed the preparations will begin. Are you picturing it? We'll make ti happen! You can choose between a variety of food, flowers, themes and colors. And if you want to personalize it, you are welcome to bring whatever you need.

As your date approaches, things will settle down; approximately 6 weeks prior to your big day, the most accurate details will be completed to have the full visualization.

Here's another plus: not only your wedding day, but your entire stay will be special! From the moment you arrive you will have personalized attention, you will know the locations and the rest of the team, who will become your Solaris family.

And what about your guests? Being all lodged in the hotel, comfort will be your ally. Everyone will be on time at the venue and if someone forgets something, it will be within a couple of minutes to get it!

But, what happens if you prefer to have an intimate wedding? Sometimes the world is only for the two of you and that's fine, in Solaris you can have it even if your guests are only you two, or up to 100 people.

Be ready for the next step, we're ready for it in paradise!


Hoteles Solaris de México

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