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From Italy to GR Caribe by Solaris

By: Mariel Monges

The Royal Solaris and GR Caribe´s kitchen is always innovating and creating new menus to surprise you. That´s why this month we have prepared some delicious Italian drinks & flavorful plates full of #SolarisPassion that you can enjoy with a romantic and intimate ambiance, live music and a beautiful view to the Nichupté lagoon. Veneto is a great choice for those who want to have a beautiful & romantic dinner.

To start, we recommend you to try the different kinds of bread and join them with the classic italian dressing (fine herbs, olive oil and balsamic vinegar) there´s no better way to wait for your dinner.

  • Pasta: One of the most important italian dishes. In Solaris we love to see you having the best time that´s why we want to provide the best ingredients and the traditional way to prepare them. All the pasta used for this menu is fresh and home made so you can taste the real italian flavor.

  • The house´s special: Gnocchis prepared inside of a parmesan cheese wheel. Besides having a great dinner, you can enjoy of an amazing experience, this pasta is prepared in front of your table so you can enjoy a flavorful evening Solaris style.

  • Food restrictions: In case you have a food restriction, remember to let your waiter know so he can offer you some different options* such as potato made pasta or carrot noodles instead of regular pasta.

Limoncello: As a cocktail or a digestive, enjoy this traditional italian drink. The bar staff made it the traditional way, it is obtained of lemon peels, alcohol, and sugar. With a totally natural production, free of colorants, additives and preservatives. We invite you to enjoy it cold and accompanied by a delicious dessert!

*Ask for our vegetarian, gluten free & kids menu.

We are sure you´ll love it!


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