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Don't miss this whale of an experience! In Cabo

Each winter the California Gray Whales make the 8,000 mile trek from the Bering Sea of Alaska to the warm lagoons of southern Baja California.

From December through March these gentle giants occupy the coves and inlets of Baja. Many of them can be found about 400 miles northwest of Cabo, however many will continue their journey south to the Cape where they will birth their calves and feast on the abundant plankton of the nutrient-rich Sea of Cortez.

Although you won't see as many whales close to shore here as you would farther north (in Pacific gray whale calving bay of Bahia Magdalena), newborn calves and their mothers do swim by on their 'trial run' to the Sea of Cortez.

Come to live a unique experience that you will never forget!!

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