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Turtles nesting season

Many of our guests ask if it is possible to go down to the beach at night to see the turtles arrive, we totally understand how tempting this must be, but please if you see sea turtles walking on the beach at night during nesting season please follow these simple rules:

  • Let the prevention staff know if you see a turtle at night

  • Do not shine a light in the sea turtle’s face (light may cause the female to abort the nesting process).

  • Do not take pictures using flashes. This high-intensity light can be even more disturbing than the flashlights.

  • Observe from a distance of 10 meters out of sight of the turtle until she begins laying eggs, otherwise you may scare her back into the sea.

  • Do not touch the turtle.

  • Do not make noise.

  • No smoking.

  • Do not handle the eggs.

Once the eggs have been laid, the turtle returns to the sea and the eggs are removed to our "protection yards" where we take care of the eggs until the turtles are born and can be released to the sea.

The release of baby turtle hatchlings to the ocean is unquestionably one of the most fascinating and enriching moment you will ever experience. Follow resort rules turtles for protection and get ready to live an amazing experience!


Keep beaches and sea clean by using trash cans; plastic bags, straws, plastic containers and all kinds of trash floating in the sea are lethal to turtles.

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Turtles are protected by Mexican law.

Nest care protocol: We rely on the Marine Turtle Protection Course, which imparts ecology management, based on the NOM-162

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