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Happiness during vacations

People who are on vacation are happier than those who do not take a summer break. However, when they return to work or their daily lives, the levels of happiness in both groups are quickly equated.

This is demonstrated recently by scientists from Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in a study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life. According to the researchers, while we vacation or go on a trip we are happier. In addition, the time spent planning vacations also improves our mood. However, when the break ends, the levels of happiness descend at high speed. That means that, far from being prolonged over time, the positive effect of psychological well-being that the holidays cause virtually disappears once we return to the routine.

However, in their research the scientists found an exception: when vacations were very relaxing the happiness of vacationers lasted at least two weeks after returning to work.

According to Jeroen Nawijn, co-author of the paper, the results imply several recommendations to take into account. From the point of view of the individual, it would be better to take several vacations a year and not a single long holiday period in summer. In addition, school holidays should be better distributed. And rest should be planned, as far as possible, free of stress.

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