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Take care of the planet

"It is very important that we all become aware of the importance of

caring for our planet".

How many times have we read and heard this and yet we also know that in our daily lives, there are several actions we do not take as a result of our daily tasks and accelerated routines .

While we are becoming more and more aware of this issue, we can do even more to mitigate the damage we do to our environment, our home.

Let's take as an example an event that is presented to us several times a year when we have children: birthdays.

Whether you prepare the party for your son or daughter or if you have more than one, there will be many more.

But also when your child is invited to a party to share with his friends.

Here we will give you very practical tips to use one of the three great ecological “Rs” in these cases:


While we all use practical holiday supplies such as disposable plastic dishes and cups, we can also turn them into reusable dishes and glasses.

How about when the party ends, you simply wash them and reuse them for a future occasion.

Children's parties look very nice with balloons but what do you think about replacing them with paper decoration? Internet gives you a large number of options that you can do yourself with little. This decoration can be reused later if you take care of it during and after this event.

At the end of the party you can use the paper in which the gifts are wrapped for reuse and if it is already damaged, you can cut it into thin strips so you can use it as a base to give a bottle of wine to a friend Or decorate a fruit basket.

Not only it will look very cute but also you are saving paper that you would otherwise buy.And to wrap gifts, use paper that you have in your house, for example magazines, newspaper or sheets that you can paint and color. This way you can wrap the gifts in a very original and economic way.

Sky is the limit to your imagination so get ready and start now !

Very soon we will talk about REDUCE AND RECYCLE.

Share other ways you can reduce, reuse or recycle what a party leaves you.

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