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5 Things to Know about Cancun Beaches


1. Beaches are Public.

From the high tide line, all beaches in Mexico are public land. This means that you can walk for along the white sandy beaches of Cancun for miles. Not all of the beaches have public access but you have the right to walk and swim at any beach in Cancun. Some hotels and resorts have restricted areas close to the hotel with private lounge chairs and umbrellas. If you do not want to bother with vendors, check that the hotel you are staying at has this option.

2. Cancun’s Beaches are Patrolled.

If you are staying in the Hotel Zone, you may see a member of the Mexican Navy patrolling the area. The local police also supervise the beaches on 4-wheelers.

3. The Water Temperature is Warm Year Round.

While sometimes there cold spells, the water in Cancun is usually around 80 degrees year round. The winter months are colder – an average of 78 – and the summer months are warmer – around 84. This means that even if you are visiting in December or January you will get the chance to swim around this beautiful ocean.

4. Most Beaches in the Hotel Zone have Lifeguards.

If you are staying in the Hotel Zone, you can expect to see lifeguards along most of the popular beaches from 9am to 6pm. You can spot them by their red cross t-shirts and red shorts. Some hotels have their own as well. This does not mean that you shouldn’t look out for friends and family while swimming. Drowning is a very real danger in any ocean setting.

5. Flags Indicate the Beach’s Safety.

You will see colored flags along the beach. These flags indicate the swimming conditions and safety. You should pay attention to them in order to stay safe.

Black Flag: Dangerous. Don’t swim.

Red Flag: Use extreme caution, dangerous.

Yellow Flag: Use caution.

Green Flag: Safe to swim.

What else would you like to know about Cancun’s beaches?

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