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Happy Children = Holidays at Solaris !

Coddle the little ones it’s much easier if you are staying at

Royal Solaris Los Cabos! Here, you’ll find all the activities where

the little ones will enjoy big time.

At Royal Solaris Los Cabos, we are very mindful that their fun is the most important thing, and that's why we have a place especially for them:

MINI CLUB: In this place, our little guests can perform different activities very entertaining ranging from drawing and coloring, create fun shapes and even enjoy a children's film in a movie theater exclusive for them… with popcorn included.

But if what you seek is fun in the pool... we have:

MINI WATER PARK: Slides and leaky sources will keep the kids amused for hours, and you won't have to worry about the sun's rays, because the area is protected with a velaria and the kids are always supervised by professional and bilingual staff. (For children from 4 to 11 years)

Baby Park

Installed inside the mini-club is a place for boys and girls up to 4 years old where they can play and have fun with games designed for them. It´s open from 9am to 5pm and requires parent supervision at all times.


If your kid has an adventurous spirit, we have a wall to climb! There, the kids will test their best skills, will develop self-confidence and will feel from their childhood what it is to reach the top.

Our climbing Wall of 3.5 mts is open from monday to saturday, 10-11 in the morning. Your kids will have endless fun! (Only for children between 4-11 years old)

If the jumping opened the appetite of the kids, it's time to go to:


This has been transported from the kitchen to the restaurant Cafe Solaris the most delicious and healthy food, especially for them, including fun jellies of all flavors, chicken nuggets, french fries, pancakes, cookies and delicious mini cupcakes.

And as we know that after a good meal will have recharged your energy, we have:

SOLARIS MINI CAMP: Here, they will live the whole experience of a camp on the beach; meet other children, enjoy recreational activities and also, they will receive a delicious dinner and the shirt to become official member of the camp.

(additional cost)

If this wasn’t enough, our Animation and Entertainment Team has prepared for the little ones... THE “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” SHOW! There, they will enjoy the characters from their favorite movies.

For those parents who wish to enjoy a romantic dinner or a relaxing moment we have a babysitting service for children under 4 years, available with an additional cost.

As you can see, there will be no time when they feel bored, and therefore, your vacations will also be a lot more fun!


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