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What is the sand of Cancun Beaches made of?

White, soft and cold is the sand that forms part of the beautiful beaches of Cancun, however did you know that 70% of this sand is composed of pieces of coral defecated by the Parrotfish? It's not a joke! This animal is mostly in time, biting the corals to maintain its peak in optimum conditions.

For this reason a single parrot fish can produce 100 KG OF WHITE SAND A YEAR!!, we are passionate about the paradisiacal beaches we are interested in this fish abound.

Knowing that it is one of the most abundant fish in the reefs ... and after thousands of years of existence, imagine the sand that has made these colorful animals.

But do not worry, not everything is composed of coral, but also by small fragments of shells that are crushed by the aggressive action of the waves, especially during storms. That is why our beaches are not as white as talc. So you can rest easy while enjoying a great walk on the beach?

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