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The Earth´s End and The Encounter of the Seas.

The Sea of ​​Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California is an extension of the Pacific Ocean that places between the peninsula of Baja California and the states of Sinaloa and Sonora.

The tides of this gulf are among the largest on the planet, as fluctuations of up to nine meters have been measured at its northern end. It enjoys an immense concentration of microscopic organisms and an extraordinary biological diversity thanks to the abundant sunlight and the waters rich in nutrients. These factors, together with their crystalline waters, made this place called "The Aquarium of the World".

The favorite destination for hundreds of tourists visiting the Sea of ​​Cortez region is Los Cabos, a spectacular waterway that connects San Jose del Cabo with Cabo San Lucas. It is this place, where visitors who seek to have a pleasant break or those who seek to have the opportunity to practice sailing, windsurfing, and feel the excitement of diving, and those who come by the simple taste to admire the magnificent view that the nature offers us in El Arco (The Arch), the singular rock formation that distinguishes Los Cabos; from where the Sea of ​​Cortez takes leave of its visitors, who will surely return to this region where reality surpasses the imagination.

El Arco, is the gateway to the ocean and has a majestic aspect, reminiscent of another world. El Arco was formed by time, by the erosion caused by the force of the winds and the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez.

This part of the peninsula of Baja California, also known as "The End of the Earth", is one of the main attractions of Los Cabos.

El Arco has a beautiful view, perfect for capturing the best photographs and of course, moments that are not forgotten. In addition, we will see an infinity of animals in a lovely meeting anytime you go.

If you want to visit this magnificent piece of organic architecture, you must know that it is inaccessible to reach it by land, but if you can do it through one of the most requested tours by international tourism.

In Sol-Ha, our travel agency inside the hotel, inform about the different tours that we offer to El Arco, and are specially designed for those who want to enjoy a spectacular trip around one of the most famous beaches in Los Cabos, Playa El Médano; swim a bit, eat the fresh and delicious Mexican buffet and drinks to your liking, and sea by day, to enjoy a unique sunset.

If you are interested in planning a tour to El Arco, we recommend you go directly to our agency Sol-Ha or send an email to, who is in charge of our tour agency. Live one of the best experiences of your life!

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