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Bored on the beach? We have the solution!

If you find yourself on the beach and do not know what to do, Do not worry! Then we will provide 5 Solaris Tips so you do not get bored during your beach vacation. Take note!

Become the King of the Sand!

Castles, figures , sculptures What comes to your mind! Use your imagination and make great creations. You and your family will have a great time!

Play any sport On the beach there are no excuses for not activating our body, and in Solaris our Entertainment Staff has options for you: Volleiball and Futbol on the beach are ideal for this holiday.

Take pictures! The beach is a beautiful and magnificent scenery that will give you the most beautiful views, share them in our social networks and let your friends see how much you enjoy your stay. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Read If you love books, the beach is the ideal place to enjoy reading while the sound of the waves accompanies you in your literary journey.

Or you can just Do nothing! Let the sand and the sea take you towards relaxation. There is nothing better than enjoying contemplating the beautiful sunrise or sunset that our beautiful beaches have for you.

Would you like to live these great experiences? It's the perfect time to plan your next vacation to Solaris! BOOK HERE!

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