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Wonderful Beaches of the Pacific

If you are staying at our Royal Solaris hotel in Los Cabos, we have an endless number of beaches that you and your partner, family or friends can visit to experience Mexico and every one of the wonders that gives us.

Here you have the most beautiful beaches in Los Cabos

Costa Azul Beach

If you want to entertain yourself and have fun among the waves, this is the location you expected. Surf, friends and bikinis!

Although it is the same beach, you will find different waves depending on the place where you settle.

On the left side is Zippers, where the Open of Surf Tournament is held year after year, sometimes exceeding 2 feets of height.

In the middle area of ​​this beach is Pescadito. Here is ideal for surfing for beginners.

And finally, on the right side, is the area known as La Roca, where the most intrepid and recurrent in the sport, wait for the highest waves.

It is only 5 minutes from our hotel, you can arrive by public transport, which will leave you right in front of the parking area.

#TravelTip: Every year, in June, the Open of Surf Championship is held on this beach.

Palmilla Beach

If you are looking for a beach where you can enjoy activities with your family and friends, this beach is ideal.

Just 8 minutes from our facilities, you can enjoy activities such as paddleboard, amateur surfing, as the low waves allow.

To reach this site, you can do by public bus, or if you want you can rent a car with our car rental agent.

#TravelTip: It has basic services, bathrooms, rent of umbrellas, chairs, ramp for the disabled and palapas to protect you from the sun.

El Chileno Beach

At 13 minutes from our hotel, on the tourist corridor, you will find a beach ideal for family enjoyment and snorkeling. You can arrive by car or by public transport.

Here you can rent from snorkeling equipment to a kayak!

In addition, it has a certified team of lifeguards who are constantly watching their visitors, which undoubtedly provides a great peace of mind.

And if you travel with family, this is the ideal beach for you to relax while the little ones have fun.

#TravelTip: It is one of the most popular beaches in the tourist corridor, so do not miss it! Your visit to El Chileno will certainly be worth it.

Santa Maria Beach

This is another of the most attractive beaches on the tourist passage, where you will enjoy water activities.

Just 20 minutes from our hotel, it is an ideal beach for swimming and snorkeling, because it has a great diversity of colorful fish.

It has a parking area, so you can get there by car without any problem.

The view of this beach will leave you breathless.

#TravelTip: It has bath and shower area, rent of umbrellas and also chairs.

Las Viudas Beach

If you are looking for a little privacy, this beach will love it.

At 25 minutes from our facilities, this will be the perfect place to share moments with your partner.

Here, the sea has generated small natural pools that you can enjoy for swimming, although with caution.

We recommend renting a car with our agency, since access to it is removed from the main road.

#TravelTip: Prepare well before making the trip with water, snack and Do not forget your sunglasses!

El Médano Beach

This beach is one of the safest for swimming and also one of the most popular.

At 30 minutes from our hotel, this beach is guaranteed fun.

It has all the services, and is also one of the beaches where more tourists enjoy spending an afternoon full of amenities, both aquatic and socializing with other visitors.

If you like to know a little about the destination, you can take the public transport and walk a little to the place. Or if you prefer to enjoy from the beginning what this beach offers you, you can rent a car, as it has a large parking and beach club area and restaurants to enjoy the whole day.

#TravelTip: Do ​​you feel adventurous? Ask our travel agency about all the activities you can enjoy here.

El Amor Beach

About 45 minutes from our hotel and right next to the famous Arco of Cabo San Lucas, you will find Playa del Amor.

This beach has one of the best views of the destination You will simply fall in love with it!

To get here, you can do it both by public transport and by car and in addition, it will be necessary to rent a boat in the marina of Cabo San Lucas that will transport you to this beautiful beach It will be totally worth it!

Although it is a beach that can not always be enjoyed, it depends on how high or low the tide is, once you visit it, you will not find another place like this.

Here you can have a moment of relaxation, swimming safely and also snorkeling.

#TravelTip: We recommend you go prepared: take lunch, water, snacks and much desire to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

To rent a car, you can contact our Car Agency inside the Hotel.

If you want to plan visits to these beaches in advance, we recommend contacting our Travel Agent at "Sol-Ha Tours & Travel": who will gladly give you all the information so that you only dedicate to enjoy and relax.

Visit this beautiful beaches and know more about Cabo!

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