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Camera evolution during history

From a selfie, being with your friends or even during vacations… Every moment is perfect to take a picture!

The camaras have been present during our lives to shot the perfect moments and create unforgettable memories that lasts for ever, do you know their history? Here we show it to you!

Joseph Niepce is known as one of the most popular inventor of photography and also a pioneer in the area. He developed the heliography; a technique used to create the first photo known in the world during the 1825, is the view through a window in Le Gras farm.

This is the first photography of all time.

This is the first photography of all time.

Louis Jacques Daguerre is known for his invention of the daguerreotype process. His method took around 30 minutes of exposition and was named “The Daguerreotype”.

In 1825 were created the tintypes by Hamilton Smith, 10 years later was George Eastman who invent the first flexible… This is how the first Kodak was born. And starts selling in 1888.

In 1925 the Leica I was on all the stores and became popular, and many competitors came out.

Kodak introduce for the first time in 1934 their Retina I camera, although the 35 mm cameras were way too expensive for many people, things start to change with the launch of the Argos A a really cheap camera in 1936.

The Japanese camera industry starts with the launch of Canon on 1936 with their 35 mm rangefinder. The Japanese cameras soon became very popular in the West after the Korea war, while the veterans and soldiers where at Japan, they brought them back to the United States.

The first Polaroid camera was launched in the stores in 1948. This was the first instant cameras in the world. His inventor was Edwin Land, this camera was able to creat positive impressions in less of one minute.

The first digital camera that was in the stores was sold in Japan on December 1989, was the DS-X of Fuji.

In 1991, Kodak launch the “Kodak DVS-100” and this was the begging of a huge line of professional Kodak DVS SLR cameras, that used a 1.3 megapixel sensors, and had a price of $13.000 USD.

With the standardisation of JPEG and MPEG in 1988 which allowed images and video files to be compressed for storage onto a SD or CF card. With the introduction of the Nikon D1 in 1999 at 2.47 megapixels, this was the first digital SLR that was entirely by a major manufacturer.

In 2010, almost all the cellphones have a camera with a 1-2 megapixel resolution. After that many cameras also start including a GPS.

Today we all have a camera in our phones, so you have no excuse to share the best photos you took during your vacations.

And if you don't have a camera…

You have no excuse to share in the social media the best moments of your vacations! In all the Solaris Hotels, we have an interactive booth named iStrid, in which you can share at the moment your best shoot in the social media and tell to the world how much you are enjoying your vacations at Solaris

Visit Solaris and live the holidays of your dreams!

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