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Nature of Quintana Roo

The entire state of Quintana Roo has majestic natural landscapes. It is covered by forest areas and to the north of the state we find a rainforest and area of ​​marshes and mangroves. That is why it has a diversity of impressive fauna, where the following animals are among the most popular in the region.

One of the animals originated in Quintana Roo is the crocodile, these carnivorous animals can live up to 100 years, usually live in marshes and lagoons, Did you know that in Cancún these animals have been seen in Nichupté Lagoon?. Crocodiles cry continuously to moisten their eyes while they are out of the water.

The sea turtles that are located throughout the coast of Quintana Roo are cold-blooded and only touch land in order to nest, but are constantly seen inside the water and are famous in several areas of Quintana Roo. They are omnivorous and live for around 150 and 200 years.

Iguanas are also another species of reptile of green coloration, which are herbivores and that change of skin. They have teeth and claws to defend themselves and to this species we can always find it in the humid areas of this beautiful Mexican coast.

Another one of the representatives of Quintana Roo fauna is the Toucan, bird distinguished by its striking and colorful plumage in addition to a long peak that can measure up to 20cm. These birds live in tropical areas and feed mainly on fruits and insects.

The jaguar being one of the most representative animals of the state, since it has the largest population of the species, it is considered a carnivorous feline that likes to swim and it is located at the top of the food chain making it a superpredator.

And last but not least we have a small mammal rodent, which is called sereque which feeds on fruits considering it a great disperser of seeds, because at the time of defecating they bury the seeds of the fruits, thus helping ecosystem to continue to grow. They also keep extra food in their cheeks to feed later.

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