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It´s always the best to travel with friends

Por: Regina Sámano

We always think that preparing a trip is difficult, since making an itinerary, getting cheap flights and saving money for worry-free travel is something truly exhausting. We also know that in the end it will be worth it and we will enjoy a beautiful destination surrounded by the people we love.

It can be thought that the simplest thing is to set up a solo trip to reduce costs, but the holidays are approaching and something tells us that these experiences have to live with our soul friends.

When we travel we feel freer, we forget everything that was around us; We left behind the differences, the bad mood and we began to try and enjoy unique things in which anyone could pigeonhole the phrase: "You only live once."

Live this adventure and make the perfect plan for your next vacation!

Why travel with friends?

There are thousands of ways to make a trip, however the most entertaining and unforgettable are those you make with friends. Since traveling with a friend is traveling with a brother, with a confidant and a colleague of crazy.

If you still do not convince yourself to travel with your friends, we present a short list of arguments to get you excited about the idea:

  • They will keep the secrets of the trip. "What happens on the trip, stays on that trip"

  • Because they are unconditional. They will lend you money if needed, they will save you from any situation if necessary because they are sure that you would do the same for them.

  • You can be yourself without pretending. Your friends are those few people with whom you can definitely act without following a pattern of behavior.

  • Because it will accompany you in all your crazy. Get caught up in some party, dress up or take pictures ridiculously, are just some of the crazy things your friends will follow.

  • They will be in the same tune. They will want to do the same things. By day you get to know the new city you are visiting and at night spend it amazing. The best, no one will criticize them for their schedules, their outputs or their habits

  • Have a topic of conversation for a lifetime. Every time they find themselves they will remember that trip, which left a thousand stories, anecdotes and good times.

  • Live unforgettable moments. One of the best reasons or if it is not that the most important thing to travel with friends are the experiences they will live, because chances are they will be hard times, they will be repeated, either by the time of each one, circumstances, etc. . Remember that the best moments in your vacation can be shared in all Social Networks. We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

The idea is to encourage and call all your friends to start preparing their own adventure trip, that trip that you can only do with your real friends.

It is also very important that when starting to plan a trip you have the following points so that in the end we have one of the best experiences of our lives, of course it is also to have everything well organized:

  • Plan ahead. To go out with friends is a matter of strategy. Find days that everyone can go, whether for vacations or personal issues, and most importantly, look for low season travel.

  • Talk about money. Estimating a budget is just the beginning. They should think about how much they will spend per day, how many nights they will leave, whether they will eat in certain places and more. They have to make clear how and in how much time they will pay the necessities of the trip. If they cover the expenses before leaving, they will have much more fun.

  • Cooperate before the trip. Meeting frequently and making advances to put together what you will spend while on the road can save you a lot of trouble.

  • Choose a leader. It seems like it is not that important to save, but this person is just the one who would have to manage expenses as well as make decisions that can cause problems if they get to arguing with everyone.

So if you are looking forward to a trip in the company of all your best friends, it is best that you start planning it and can visit us in any of our beautiful destinations in Mexico.

Los Cabos and Cancun are waiting for you!

And if you want to visit us, do not forget to book your best vacation in our Solaris Hotels. Where we have the best options to be able to celebrate and enjoy with friends, how about a dinner at the beach? Check out all our special packages HERE.

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