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¡Bomba! What does that mean?

By: Mariel Díaz

Mexico is characterized by its people, which are cheerful and with a very peculiar sense of humor, where language and its meaning is everything.

Yucatecan bombas are short verses, commonly compliments, which must always rhyme. They're told to the dancing partners when the jarana (a dance and a musical form originating in the Yucatan Peninsula) stops. In that moment of silence, the word "Bomba" is yelled to the audience before the verse is recited and later when it's finished so the music can continue. Bomba, in spanish literally means bomb, which has nothing to do with explotions or danger, but is full of content to the listener. They are usually flattering content, with a clever use of words, that must cause the sense of improvisation and some kind of comical humor.

Bombas have their origins in the Spanish coplas invented several centuries ago, which with the passage of time were expanded in the Spanish-speaking countries and adapted according to the people of each place.

Yucatán Peninsula is full of mayan and mestizo ascendence traditions and the jarana dance is one of them, so the bomba was originally recited in Mayan language; today is more common to hear it in spanish. Here we give you an cheerful example in mayan language of an original bomba made by our Solaris Staff:

And the Spanish version of another bomba of our sister hotels

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