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Wirikuta: rituals, magic and much more.

By: Aline Rivas

Have you heard about Wirikuta?

Wirikuta is one of the most sacred territories of the cosmogony of the indigenous Wixarika since according to their beliefs the creation of the world took place in that site.

In that area, the Wixarika believe that the sun first exited and that the deities and ancestral spirits inhabit, therefore, they consider that each natural element that inhabits Wirikuta is equally sacred.2 One of the most sacred rites is the pilgrimage to Wirikuta.

In Los Cabos, we have a show that will make you experience the Wirikuta pilgrimage in a unique way.

Between the months of October and March, the deities walk from the sea in Haramara, to the east, to the place where the sun rose (Reunax), the current Cerro Quemado (Leunaxü). The gods were guided by Tatewari, the fire grandfather. Up there came a deer (maxa) that with its horns raised the solar disk to heaven, giving light to the world.

But we do not want to tell you all about this great show full of ancestral power and mystical charm. We prefer that you live it with all your senses.

If you will soon be staying at Royal Solaris Los Cabos, do not hesitate a second to attend this incredible show that will fill you with the energy of the universe.

(only 5 minutes away from our hotel)

Visit us and enjoy the Wirikuta with us. Book for this show in our Xol-Ha Tour Agency.

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