Top 4 of drinks at Solaris Resorts

Saturday, January 27, 2018

By: Mariel Díaz


If you are about to stay at any of our resorts, we have a recommendation for you... Well not one, we have four! There is nothing better than enjoying the sun, the beach and the sea with your favorite drink at Royal Solaris Los Cabos; relax in any of the plazas of GR Caribe by Solaris, chill at the lobby bar of GR Solaris Cancún or enjoy the jacuzzi in front of the sea of Royal Solaris Cancun.


So check out the drinks that you can not miss in your next visit to any of the Solaris Resorts:


GR Caribe by Solaris: Cancun Special.


Coconut Rum
Lemon juice
Mineral water
Cherry liqueur


With a predominantly sweet flavor, the Cancun Special is a drink made with a touch of Solaris.










GR Solaris Cancun: Mojito.


White Rum
Lemon juice
Mineral water


If enjoying the Mexican Caribbean was a drink, it would undoubtedly be something like the Mojito. They have the exact combination between refreshing and sweet, even if you don't want it with alcohol, you can enjoy this delicious drink while sunbathing on the beach.








Royal Solaris Los Cabos: Margarita.


Orange liquor
Lemon juice


We can
prepare with
Damiana liqueur, characteristic of the Baja region. Tip: ask for different flavors such as: strawberry, mango, tamarind and more.



Royal Solaris Cancun: Mango Tango.


Strawberry concentrate
Mango Concentrate
Lemon juice
Orange juice
Ron Blanco


With the touch of strawberry, let the combination between citrus and mango give you the tropical feeling of paradise that is Cancun.






With this you are ready to live your vacation with all the Solaris style,



Hoteles Solaris de México

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