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#TipSolaris: How to truly enjoy Tequila? We teach you the correct way. 😉

By Mariel Díaz

Tequila is a drink that represents Mexico. As we mentioned earlier in The Process of Tequila, it is a product originating from a particular place in our country, a product that everyone knows but it's not actually known how to drink it properly.

Photo: Lucía De La Vega

How to drink tequila?

You must forget to drink it in shots and what you will need to serve it, it's a Brandy glass, which will help to bring the true nature of the Tequila. The recommended amount of time to start drinking it goes from 25 to 30 minutes, this means that you should wait this time after pouring it into the glass.

Now, what you need to have always in mind is the rhythm. Everything should take its time... we mean, slow. To begin, take only a sip (do not, under any circumstances, drink it all and fast!), you need to inhale some air so you can percibe the aroma of the type of tequila you are drinking and by the moment that you feel the liquor going down your throat, exhale by the mouth, with this the flavor of the agave will go up to your mouth: a completely different sensation from doing shots.

Photo: Lucía De La Vega

Curiosities about Tequila:

Tequilas can be classified and in order to difference each, you must now the time of storage, in other words, the amount of yeas that the tequila is kept in barrels until it is bottled.

So they types of Tequilas, are:

-Young Tequila (or Gold): This one is not kept in storage; goes directly for bottling.

-White Tequila (or Silver): It's kept in the barrel for one month.

-Tequila Reposado: It can go for more than a month to a year of barrel storage.

-Tequila Añejo (extra aged): The aging in the barrel goes from 1 to 3 years.

-Tequila Extra Añejo (ultra aged): This one goes from 3 to 12 years!

It's very important to know how to difference Tequila from Mezcal that is known for being made in Oaxaca and can be produced with different types of agave, while Tequila can only be made with one type of agave, the Agave Tequilana Weber, Blue variety. If you want to know more about these two iconic mexican drinks, read it HERE!

Another fact about tequila is that it can be a 100% agave, which means that it's does not have any other ingredient or spice added to the drink, or it can be 51% agave with 49% of various sugars.

Royal Solaris Cancpun team at the tequila tasting

If you'd like to feel the different flavors that form a tequila, like the aging and barrel type, it's not recommended to mix it with anything, and by anything we mean lemon, salt or juices; because it will lose its properties.

Although, there are cocktails that really take great things about tequila (like the ones we prepare really good at Solaris!), so our Food and Beverages Manager from Royal Solaris Cancún and GR Caribe by Solaris, Rodrigo Jácome, recommends cocktails with White or Young Tequila.



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