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Our commitment to the Sea life

By: Mariel Díaz

One of the favorite destinations for a vacation is the beach: we love enjoying the sand, the weather, but especially the sea.

But the beach should not only be a destination to relax and have fun, it's time for us to take care of it.

The oceans are so important that it is essential to keep them clean. Some of its most important functions are: it helps to regulate the climate, feed millions of people, be the main producer of oxygen, invaluable source of biodiversity and provides countless resources. They are the largest habitats on Earth, covering 71% of the surface of our

Almost a million species inhabit the world's oceans, including fish, birds, crustaceans, mammals, mollusks and reptiles.

Currently, the vast majority of these species, regardless of where they are in the world, have been trying to survive a great threat caused by humans: pollution.

Much of this pollution is focused on human waste and its irresponsibility in discarding it, which causes thousands of plastic forms to end up in the sea. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than five billion pieces of plastic are currently floating on the surface of the sea. An article published in the Science Advances journal by the industrial ecologist Roland Geyer, of the University of California in Santa Barbara, calculated the total volume of all the plastic produced. And the result was 8.300 million tons. Of that number, 6,300 million tons are now waste, and 79% of them are in landfills or in the natural environment.

What does this causes?

Bags, caps, bottles, hoses; Plastic comes in so many forms that for some species it is not so simple to differentiate it from its food, which causes the intake of this waste that ends up being mortal for them. In other situations, the species can get caught without food or getting physically harmed by it.

The truth is that all this can be fixed.

In Hoteles Solaris de México we believe that we can help conserve this paradise and all the animals living in it.

Since the beginning of the turtle season, as we are the destination for spawning and incubation, we fulfill the responsibility of caring for and protecting them until the time comes for them to go out to the real world.

But our commitment goes further, because the course of their life begins when they reach the sea, the sea we want to care for and conserve; so we comply with some initiatives that we are proud to share so that you can join us:

We restrict the use of straws in our drinks: When you visit any of our 4 hotels, either in Cancun or Los Cabos, every drink served will be without the use of straws, thus avoiding the massive consumption of these products.

"Without straw is fine" is the social movement of SEMARNAT, important to apply in all consumer centers we go to.

Beach cleaning: periodically and voluntarily we consolidate cleanings on our beaches with the help of our incredible staff.

Recycling of plastic bottles: By producing our own drinking water, we bottled it and offer it to our guests. At the end of their cycle of use, they are put together to recycle and reduce solid waste.

Caps bank (Banco de Tapitas): With a call to all our staff, we collect the bottle caps (or any other drink such as milk or cleaning products) to recycle, which helps us fulfill another mission: When they are delivered, they are recycled and treatments are provided to children with cancer.

Mugs with a cause: Thanks to the art of Diego Von - Painting with Cause, for each mug we buy to gift to our most loyal guests, a percentage is allocated to organizations that help wildlife.


Hoteles Solaris de México

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