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How do we celebrate Independence Day in Mexico? 😁🇲🇽

By: Mariel Díaz

Our biggest national celebration is getting close, so here we include you some aspects that are essential to celebrate Independence Day as a true Mexican. If you visit Mexico in the month of September, get ready to live our favorite month! 🎉🎉

Flags 🇲🇽

There's no better element for decoration than our flag! And you won't only see it on Independence Day, in the whole month there will be flags everywhere. You don't have one of your own? Don't worry, in September many mobile stands pop up that sell exclusively Mexican flags and tricolor decoration for the parties!

Thirsty? We have Tequila and Beer! 🍻

The outstanding Tequila and the much loved beer can't be absent for this fiesta; while the Tequila can be for the brave ones that can take on any drink, wheather they have in shots or sipping it; there's beer as an other option for everyone else, we are sure there is one for any taste... Or many of them!

But hard to believe or not, there are some people that prefer not to drink alcoholic beverages, and that's ok... We have authentic mexican aguas frescas!


In Mexico we love to listen any kind of music, from salsa, rock, reggae, pop, reggaetón and many more... But this day we prefer to have mariachi, rancheras and cumbia to start with the dancing!


Yes, we mentioned the drinks, but the food can never be missed. From a snack to delicious dishes, Mexican cuisine is characterized by the variety of flavors in each bite, and to celebrate independence, uff! We could not finish naming them. Tacos, guacamole, pico de gallo, pozole, Chiles en nogada, grilled beef, tamales... And the SALSAS (you know sauces, dressings), let's not forget the best companion of our meals: green, red, extra spicy, sweet, of all flavor and texture!

The best company

And of course, it's perfect to meet with all the family and friends. It can take place at someones house, venues, restaurants or on the street, that day any place is perfect to celebrate, as long as you have the best ones by your side!

'El grito'

Literally means "The Scream". And no, it's not about wearing a white mask and scare your neighbours. El grito is the name of a tradition we do on this holiday. Let us explain:

"The holders of executive power at different levels of government - mayors, governors and the President, as well as ambassadors in representations abroad, carrying a national flag, direct the assembled population a harangue, which usually includes the following phrases: Mexicans! Long live the heroes who gave us homeland and freedom! Viva Hidalgo! Viva Morelos! Viva Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez! Viva Allende! Viva Aldama and Matamoros! Viva the national independence! Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico!"

In which the word Viva refers to Long live.

This is what we repeat along as a chorus with a lot of pride. We scream it out loud!


At the end of "El Grito" our sky shines in color with a lot of fireworks thrown in tradition, this lightens up all the faces take look up to this incredible show.

So.. are we missing something?

Oh yeah... Bring the best energy!



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